I was hoping Laura could do illustrations for my project...

Super duper idea and guess what, she is available! Please contact her and she'll get right with you, because she LOVES stuff like this. Illustrations, shirt designs, branding projects, please do contact or go look for her at Or...maybe you are looking for dog portraits??



A picture is worth a thousand words, but then doesn't a picture plus a thousand words get you totally extra bonus points, thus winning a spot closer to heaven?

How about an original black and white drawing in ink? On paper! It is of your dog, and it will have some words. I cannot guarantee that you will like it. But I damn sure think you should. Sometimes people cry when they come in the mail! But tears of joy, like when the killer whales get sprung from the tanks at Sea World! For sure it will be quirky, and it will be of your dog. See examples here!

Getting your own is very easy. Pretty much everyone should have at least one. All you do is send me an email to this top secret email address: I will send you instructions of easy peasy payment via paypal.

In your email, you gush on about your dog, everything you would like to tell me about he or she and the awesomeness he or she posesses and flaunts on a daily basis and for special occassions. And you email some of your favorite photos, that I will select to use. So don't email me a photo you hate, ok? The more the better on the gushing and the emails.

Black and White Pricing:

6x9" Drawing of 1 dog: $42
6x9" Drawing of 2 dogs: $57
6x9" Drawing of 3 dogs: $68
Plus shipping and handling to USA and Canada $5*

9x12" Drawing of 1 dog: $66
9x12" Drawing of 2 dogs: $83
9x12" Drawing of 3 dogs: $97
Plus shipping and handling to USA and Canada $7*

Color Pricing:

Color Giclee prints on archival Sommerset Rag paper of your original drawing (so awesome!)
9x12": $60
Plus shipping and handling to USA and Canada $7*
18x24": $100
Plus shipping and handling to USA and Canada $10*

*Shipping available to other countries, price is a bit higher.

More dogs, or people, horses, cats, nuns, shirtless firemen, or other format or whatever by special arrangement and more moola! Just ask! Me and my pens are ready to take your call.

These are pet portraits for your own personal use, ok? IE, you cannot reproduce these to sell. Se below if that's what you were hoping to do.