Agility Instruction:

Laura has been a fixture in the Northern California agility world for over 20 years. Her dogs are regulars on the podiums of USDAA Regional and UKI Cup and Open events, and have collectively earned far too many titles to list. She currently competes with her border collies, Banksy & Bader, and spends most of her free time working on becoming a super champ. Laura teaches students of all levels at beautiful Heart Dog Agility in Ben Lomondand has recently moved to Bend, Oregon to teach with the Oregon School for Clever Dogs.

Agility Class Schedule:

Heart Dog Agility, Ben Lomond CA

OnGoing Classes:
Mondays 9:30am Private
Mondays 10am Starters Competition Level Agility
Mondays 11:30am Foundations 2
Mondays 12:30pm Privates

Wednesday 10:45am Adv Skills and Drills Agility
Wednesday 12:15pm Foundations 1 Agility

Thursdays 4pm Foundations 1 Agility
Thursdays 5pm Beginning Agility
Thursdays 6:15pm Masters Level Agility

Sunday 11:30 Starters/Adv Competition Level Agility
Sunday 1pm Beginning Agility
Sunday 2:15pm Foundations 2 Agility

Heart Dog Fun Match Schedule
TBA Dec 2022

Fall Ball-Bend Oregon 11/4/5/6 2022

November Saturday Workshops, Bend Oregon 2022

Private and Semi-Private lessons available.

meet the team:




In Memorium, 2003-2019

PDCH, ADCh Otterpop
PTM-Silver, PGCh-Silver,
SaCh-Silver, PJCh-Bronze
2010 USDAA Natl. Semifinalist
PSpeed Jumping, PGrand Prix
2008-2012-USDAA Top Ten
2012 USDAA Top Ten #1
Gamblers and Standard Mini Dog


ADCh, TM Gold
2016 1st Western Regional Steeplechase, Grand Prix Finalist,
Semi Finalist World Cynosport Games
2017 3rd Place Western Regional
Grand Prix Finalist
2018 3rd Place Western Regional
Grand Prix Finalist
2019 2nd Western Regional
Grand Prix Finalist



Team Captain
Rider of horses, drawer of pictures, generalist of things


Gustavo, MAD, JCh-Gold, TM, SCh
2014 USDAA National Steeplechase Semifinalist


Ch. Timmy Best Dog
In Memoriam, 1992-2008

Ruby, My first agility partner
In Memoriam, 2000-2017