The team :: Gustavo


Gustavo is about 10 years old and came from Juarez, Mexico via the organizations-Compassion Without Borders and CAPE when he was about one year old. As usual, we didn't really mean to add any new team members, but from the second we met Gustavo, it was a done deal. He has the Small part down, he may be too friendly to Kick Anyone's Ass, but he is Fast! Don't even try to guess what kind of dog he is. DNA testing has proven he is not any of the 38 breeds they can test for. Small Black Dog.

Gustavo is the brightest ray of light a dog could ever be.

Gustavo is fast as blazes, his mission in life is running. In the forest, on the beach, on the agility field. If it involves running, he's in. Training him to do agility was challenging, heck, training him to SIT was hard, but we take everything one day at a time. He is an A+ super champ hiker and recaller. He's also a Pet Assisted Therapy Dog and we visit nursing homes together.

Gustavo has a congenital liver disease called hepatic microvascular dysplasia. We thought he was a weirdo for the longest time, but actually, he was sick and was always having tiny little seizures. Once his doctor got him the right meds and diet, so that his liver doesn't have to work so hard, he became forever happy and healthy. He has almost no teeth anymore, though! Sorry about those teeth buddy!

In the past few years, Gustavo has made the podium as a Steeplechase finalist in the USDAA Western Regionals. Competed in the 2014 World Cynosport games. Made appearances in the USDAA Top Ten. Who woulda thunk it?

I gotta say. Every dog is special. Especially mine. But this is one REALLY SPECIAL dog. No one could ever replace Gustavo.